Because Science - a Finished Quilt

Once the t-shirt quilts were done, I had time to catch up on a few quilts for family and friends - first up, a quilt for my elder child. 

This one started when he saw a quilt on a friend's blog last fall, and immediately asked for a copy. He wanted it in rainbow order, and added science fabric to the math fabric she used. 

It has two special fabrics in it - the first is this red. We did an Oklahoma shop hop back in 2011, and both of us grabbed this bolt at the same time. So I used it to remind him that he once liked to fabric shop with me.

The second is the blue Mercury fabric by Alison Glass, ordered after he found out he got a full scholarship to Space Camp in Alabama. His favorite space stuff is the early Mercury and Gemini programs, so I thought it was appropriate.

I tried to get him to take a picture of the quilt actually AT Space Camp, but apparently he was too busy having fun. 

The math fabric is Back to School Algebra and the science fabric is Science Fair Formulas. And it was a pain in the butt to keep it all going the correct way. Thank goodness for design walls!

Who's going to miss this fence? {No one!}

The rest of the fabric came from my stash - I used 9" squares to make 8" finished HSTs, so it was easy to cut from quarter/half yards. My first pull was actually all polka dot fabric, so I started replacing each color one at a time...until I had no polka dots. Whoops. Sorry, polka dots!

I know the orange is Cotton + Steel Netorious, but I can't find the notebook I wrote the rest of the colors in. The joys of moving! I'll update when I finally unpack the box with that notebook.

The backing is extra-wide minky, because my child refuses any other backing. The binding is a crosshatch, which was originally picked to be the blue in the quilt.

He now uses it to make a "minky sandwich" with his Minecraft quilt in bed. It's a little disturbing.

BOMs Away - Box of the Month

Well, we successfully, mostly, moved to Oklahoma! Nothing major looks broken yet, which is a good sign - although we haven't really opened the boxes of breakable stuff yet. For some reason my family thinks the everyday kitchen stuff should be unpacked before the china.

And everything before the sewing room! Sigh. It's a formal dining room, open to the front door and living room. Which means I have to keep it picked up. {Maybe.} And it's long enough for a longarm, if that's the next step. 

So next week, hopefully I'll be done with the rest of the house and diving into sewing boxes. And then sewing projects!

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Floating Stars - July

Well, the last minute panic over the fact that I'm moving, um, today, has set in. I really thought I'd have more sewing time to de-stress, but I've been so tired that iPad time just works better. So, I did get all the blocks finished for Floating Stars, but I didn't get them sashed.

I already plan on mailing my Quilts of Valor tops back to my Washington coordinator - the nearest drop-off in Oklahoma is 90 minutes away. And I'm definitely not up for starting a new chapter! So this will get finished after the move, along with a couple more star blocks and its twin quilt.

I already have the sashing picked out. It's all stars and stripes and should give a cool effect without the added work of piecing the sashing. 

Now I just have to hope that none of it gets lost in the move...we signed a lease on a house, so hopefully it will just go from here to there without incident!

So how's everyone else's block of the move - er, I mean, week - going? Link up here or at What a Hoot!

Coast to Coast Now Retired - a Finished T-Shirt Quilt

And finally, the last of the really big t-shirt quilts! This is a celebration of Disney races, and there's a loooooooot here to celebrate.

Lots of race shirts, lots of shirts worn in races, lots of shirts celebrating the races. 

And they're all crammed in there - this is the tightest design I've ever done, but I managed to get everything into a king size shape. It's somewhat separated between Tinkerbell, Princess races, and the regular race weekends, with the other shirts scattered about wherever there was room.

Disney has really mastered the art of multiple races in a weekend - all this plus a 5K, plus I'm pretty sure there was another 5K the next week during a Disney cruise. 

It's quilted in loops and hidden Mickeys - so well hidden that it took me forever to find one to photograph! And I was the quilter, sheesh!

The backing is the utterly amazing stained glass Beauty and the Beast print from Joann's. I'm so glad I got my hands on it!

Way too big for my poor fence. We signed a lease today on a house with a wooden fence, so there will be a new backdrop soon. I don't think anyone is going to miss the chainlink fence! {Or my weeds...}

It didn't have an official name when I was taking pictures. I swear.

But oh! The binding! I'm really starting to enjoy a striped binding. This is Tula Pink's Chipper, picked up on a whim at a friend's fabric sale. It is dead perfect for the back, and pretty darn good on the front, especially with all the Princess and Tinkerbell sections.

And now I am done with t-shirt quilts till after the move - that was twelve in seven months! Whew. It's good to finish it off with the big one.


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BOMs Away - Eternal Bloom #6

No, not my sixth attempt at a block this month! {Only the third...} But finally, the sixth block of Eternal Bloom. And let me tell you, that @&%@(& middle leaf part...

I would just like a little more instruction than these little packets come with. I mean, an 18" block with 225 pieces {yup, I counted!} should not have one sheet of paper, front and back, covering all the cutting and piecing! Sigh. But after a bit of seam ripping, it's together. And someday I will love this quilt. Just not the evening after putting a block together. 

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