Halloween Hexagon - A Mini Finish!

Just another little finish - as I find things while unpacking, I've been putting binding on them. Shocking, really, how that moves projects along! I had this sitting by the couch and the first Harry Potter movie borrowed from the library, so binding was easy and fun.


It's the same fabric as the table runner, made from the leftover 60º wedges. It's not quite a true hexagon, as the top and bottom are somewhat longer than the sides, but it's still a cute table topper!


Same orange backing, same black binding, same loopy quilting.


BOMs Away! - Jack's Chain Orange

Whew. I think the worst is over, and I'm finally getting some real sewing time! By blatantly ignoring the mess behind me...I have until November to fit a longarm in that spot, after all!


So I dug out my orange scraps and the Jack's Chain box and made my little nine patches.

And that one on the bottom left? That's my favorite fabric ever, and that's my LAST PIECE. Well, I think there's maybe a couple strips of it in the 1.5" bag, but it's essentially gone. I cut the selvage off years ago, so I have no idea what it is. Sniff. Bye, pretty little orange fabric. 

So did anyone else work on blocks of the month? Link up here or at What a Hoot!

Bearplane - a Finished Quilt!

Welcome to TGIFF - my first time hosting! - and my first finish in the new house!

Of course, it was actually mostly done in Washington, but I was in no rush to bind it because it's for the Little Man's sixth birthday next week. 


But now it's bound and ready for this VERY IMPORTANT DAY. {He's been practicing the Happy Birthday song for a week now. I keep telling him that we sing it to him, but...}


So the new standard backdrop is this weathered wooden fence. Much better than the chain link and my neighbor's dog toys! 

This was a panel and a fat quarter that I bought after dragging the Little Man around the Spokane Quilt Show for hours last fall. He latched onto the panel, and he had behaved very well all afternoon, so I bought it for him. 

It took no effort at all to cut it into squares and stagger piece it. Which means it was, of course, several months before I did so. And then it sat on the quilting pile for a while until I needed to round up an order to get free shipping - and then it got a backing!


Minky, of course. My children demand it. I love it when I can snag the perfect backing - the exact same kind of airplanes and helicopters! Backing is Shannon Sky Captain, front is Northcutt Baby Zoom Flying High.


The batting was also worth the wait - one of my InMod guild mates got some samples of Quilter's Dream Bamboo batting at QuiltCon, and I won a craft size package. This quilt is tiny {hey, you can only go so large with a panel and a fat quarter!} so the batting was a perfect fit.

Bamboo can be quilted up to 8" apart, so I went super simple and just looped through each block. It's so very soft and cuddly! 


CC approves.


The binding is leftover from a t-shirt quilt. I pulled it out as a contender for the blue in the Dude's Because Science quilt, but realized it was a perfect fit for this one instead. And yay for using a bit of stash!


It's a mere 32x40", but he likes to relocate quilts around the house, so it's a good dragging size. 

And now it's your turn for finishes! Don't forget to check out the other finishes and link back to TGIFF!

BOMs Away - Floating Stars

Yay, I did sewing! Not a lot, but a little bit every day. And we're finally to the last boxes of pictures and knick knacks, so everything is slowly falling into place. Of course, my sewing room is still piles of stuff, so it doesn't feel much like progress even though everything is out of boxes.


I attempted a photo of my last few Floating Star blocks, but until I clean up the left side, it's just awkward! I haven't decided if I want to make three more and use this layout - which requires math to get the setting triangles! - or four more and a traditional layout.

Probably four more - they're such easy blocks to make, so why complicate it with an overly fussy layout?

Plus, I have all the bonus HSTs and a great on-point quilt idea for those, so...

So did anyone else work on blocks of the month? Link up here or at What a Hoot!

Halloween Table Runner - a Mini Finish

On Monday, my mother texted me and asked if I had any holiday-ish things that she could buy as a hostess gift for next week. Of course! I have four {unfinished} Halloween table runners, two {unfinished} Halloween hexagons, a {unfinished} Christmas table runner, {actually finished!} Fourth of July pillows...


So she ordered a Halloween table runner, and I quickly stitched down binding while watching Tom Hiddleston...er, I mean, Kong Skull Island.

It was pieced over two years ago, I think, so I have no idea what the fabric might have been. The pattern is Triangle Frenzy. They are exceptionally easy to piece - hence why I have a whole bunch laying around in various stages of completion. 


The backing is just some orange-y stuff from Joann's. And I tried to take a better picture of my label, but it's shiny and the light was bouncing off it. I still have to find a good spot for pictures in the new house. At least I have a nice wooden fence for quilt backdrops!


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