BOMs AWAY - Eternal Bloom #7B

Finally - I'm back to finishing the pesky block seven of Eternal Bloom! Last time I worked on it was October. It's just too easy to set this one aside when there's any other work to be done!


I finished the bluebells in October, so all that had to be done was the center leaves and block assembly. You know, a mere 124 pieces to cut and sew. And it looks...odd. I checked the pattern a thousand times to make sure I was right, but this appears to be the layout.

Eventually I'll be adding fusible bias tape as stems and a circle connecting the leaves, so hopefully that will help. But of course, I can't find that in green, so I might have to make do with regular bias tape. That kind of stuff isn't my forte, so here's to learning!

Final piece count for Block Seven: 232

So did anyone else work on their BOM? Or a project broken into {slightly} more manageable monthly pieces? Or just a monthly report on a leader/ender project? Link up here or at What a Hoot! 

Fairies and Butterflies - A Finished Quilt

One of my goals for the year is to get rid of the excessive amount of flannel strips leftover from other quilts. Since I use the longarm, I usually have 3-6" of side strips, plus the excess from the bottom of any quilt. After 5+ years, they're starting to add up! 


Similar to the one last year, I started with a two yard cut of the fairy and butterfly flannel, sliced off a few width-of-fabric strips, then laid it out with my other leftover strips.


This one actually only contains two backing strips - Gigi's quilt and, um, I can't remember which quilt had that pink backing... {This is why I'm doing a blog cleanup!} The rest are scraps from a friend and a piece of "why did I buy that oh yeah it was a remnant and it was on sale." And the pink chevrons are from squadron baby blankets - those were 36" square so I have a loooooooot of 6" strips in pink and blue!


I wanted to practice quilting I did. And they're not hard at all! I plan on using these pieces to learn quilting designs or test out pantographs, so I feel more comfortable offering longarm quilting to others.


The binding is a super chunky 3" in purple chevron, which I just love. It's thick and soft and really, this whole quilt is just all kinds of cuddly. And I used the leftover piece of batting from the Curved Log Cabin Wreath, so it didn't even go into batting scrap storage!


Finish Along - Quarter One Goals

Another year, another attempt at an organizational method! Isn't that what January is for? {I'm also running again, coincidentally. But also eating chocolate, because one can't make too many resolutions at once.}


I have wanted to try Kanban since I read a FAL post in 2014. I bought the corkboard forever ago, and finally found a spot for it in my new sewing room. I'm using index cards cut in half and white thumb tacks rather than the typical Kanban post-its. Mostly because CC has been known to remove post-its and eat them.

I haven't put any labels or dividers on it yet because I'm still figuring out the best way to organize it, but so far....

  • The top row is the MUST DO for the week - white is a t-shirt quilt, purple is a normal quilt, pink is a block of the month. If it has a due date, that's on the card. 
  • Next is pending t-shirt quilts
  • Next is the monthly stuff - the BOM gets switched weekly; the Rail Fence and Temperature quilts will have monthly updates; and most importantly - I need that reminder to do my monthly state sales tax!
  • Next is things that are in the piecing stage that I'd like to move along or finish this quarter - one of them can move up to the top when other purples are finished.
  • Next is things that need to be quilted - ie, I can just grab them and finish them, so for the love of CC, just grab and finish them. {Okay, a few need backings.}
  • And last are things that just need binding. Which is way more than one mini, but I don't want to clutter the board. For now.

So at a glance, I know the flannel butterfly strip quilt is Friday's blog post, so I better get that binding on.


After I remove CC...


And instead of jumping willy nilly into a project {cough cough Magnolia Mystery}, I know I have to make my nephew's Cars quilt first. All these leftover scraps will be turned into patchwork blocks with the road running between them.

My blog calendar {yeah, I have one of THOSE now, too} indicates I have eleven Fridays between now and the Finish Along quarter ends, and I have thirteen potential finishes on there. So let's see how many things can go live in the FINISHED section of the board!

BOMs Away - SWOK January

I'm slowly filling my Sundays with actual blocks of the month! Remember when I started co-hosting last year and I only had one? Hahahaha... I'm actually looking forward to this year - I think I have a good mix of easy and not-so-easy BOMs to play with on weekends.


And this one falls under easy! My local quilt guild BOM is a chance to make a nice, simple block, and usually cut some fresh rail fence bits while I have the RWB bins out.


This month, I also started on our raffle quilt blocks. They're Moda Cake Mixes, and stitching went very quickly...and then I realized I never took a picture of the block, so I don't know what to do next! There's a few variations that can be made with the pieces, so until the next work day, I'm stuck.

BUT - I already put all the pieces in a bag and the bag inside my sewing machine tote. So I'm vaguely prepared!

So did anyone else work on their BOM? Or a project broken into {slightly} more manageable monthly pieces? Or just a monthly report on a leader/ender project? Link up here or at What a Hoot! 

Curved Log Cabin Wreath - A Finished Quilt

Well, this is it, folks. The best quilt I'm going to do all year. No where to go but down in 2018!


But seriously - LOOK AT THIS! It's amazing! It's stunning! It's even got a minky back!


It's from McCall's Quilting Magazine December 1999, which you actually still can find on Amazon. Thank goodness for Amazon!

It's pretty complicated - each block finishes at 7" with 17 pieces, so some of the logs are teeny tiny. There's a total of 952 pieces in the quilt. It helps to do most of the cutting a year before, get so tired of the project that you box it up, then take it out a month before Christmas to actually make it.

But once you do put on your big girl panties and start stitching, it's not very hard. You just have to pay attention to what block you're on {there's 12 different ones} and lay it all out in advance. Four or so blocks a day - then suddenly, they're all done!


The quilting is a mix of custom and stipple/tiny loops. I made it up as I went along - otherwise the silver and the white would have matched. And I totally forgot to quilt the bow! Oops.


The front is obviously very scrappy - I collected the greens, whites, and silvers a couple years ago, and most of the red came from my Christmas stash. You can find both Rudolph and the Grinch in there!


The backing is Sarah Jane's Nutcracker - very Christmas colors without being overtly Christmas. And it's a lovely short nap minky - still soft and cuddly with a little less fuzz all over the sewing room!

The binding is a rather old Sandy Gervais Christmas line, but you can still find this year's online.


56" square

And given to my mother for Christmas! {Isn't she lucky??}

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