Bad Boys of Minecraft - a Finished Quilt

I am finally back in business! {Literally - there's a slew of t-shirt quilt finishes coming up next.} My longarm is here, and I tested it out on my nephew's quilt to make sure I remember what I'm doing. Spoiler alert - it's just like riding a bicycle. Well, wait - no. Not like the way I ride a bike. Much less falling with the longarm.


Ahem. Anyway. I pieced the blocks back in September/October while I was waiting for the longarm. My nephew requested his nine favorite "bad guys" from Minecraft. I said Steve isn't a bad guy, and my sister said, "not the way he plays it."


I like the wolf the best. Both he and the Enderdragon are slightly different from the ones in the Dude's version. Some of the patterns can be found on Fandom in Stitches, but at this point, I just Google-image it.


The backing is orange Shannon minky. The blocks are mostly Kona cotton, with some Cotton Couture and other bits and pieces thrown in. The sashing is from Spoonflower.


The quilting is boxy meander - third time's the charm on these Minecraft quilts! {The Dude's, neighbor's.} And the binding is more Kona, using up some of the leftover grey strips.


Minecraft Quilt #2 - Finished!

And wrapping it up with my last finish for Christmas, and last finish for the year! The Dude's Minecraft quilt, made mostly because of the commission for the first one. This was pretty much entirely his design - I just supplied the labor. And sometimes not even that - I had him laying out the blocks for me to assemble.


All you people complaining about it being 70º on the East Coast right now? I hate you. The snow is up to my knees and I gave up quickly on pictures.

For those who are unfamiliar with Minecraft, I'm letting the Dude explain the layout so you can see why my eyes glaze over when he tries to talk about it.

I put the wither and the ender dragon with Steve and his wolf to say he is fighting them with his wolf. The 2nd row is for the nether, which is all about fire, and I put the squid with the nether. The 3rd row is hostile mobs - the creeper is on the far right because cats scare him. The 4th row the cat is on far left because of the creeper and the rest are what I had left. 


There is, of course, a CC block.


As with the last version, the blocks came from Fandom in Stitches {with modifications, such as the red collar which makes a wolf into a dog - clearly different} or Googling the face and making it up.


The backing is me spoiling him - it's 90" minky, because I don't piece minky. But he had to have minky. Shannon Fabrics is the only one making 90" minky right now, and it is gorgeous, heavy stuff. And, um, not actually speckled in white. That's what snow looks like, East Coasters.

At this point, my fingers were frozen and the quilt and camera were completely snow covered, so I gave up.

Suffice to say, the binding is Kona Steel, the sashing and cornerstones are from Spoonflower, and the rest is solids...lots and lots of different solids. The quilting is boxy stipple.


CC feels most comfortable with the evil mobs. Unsurprisingly.


Minecraft Quilt #1 - Finished!

  Ooh man, this is a good one. My parents' neighbor has a nine year old grandson, and she ordered a Minecraft quilt for him for Hanukkah.


Luckily for her, I happen to have a ten year old Minecraft expert on hand, and he was annoying through the entire process. Seriously, the simplest question - pick three friendly creatures and three mobs - led to the longest debate. {Chickens are spies. Apparently.}

And don't even get me started on how long it took him to pick the sashing and cornerstones from Spoonflower. There is apparently a HUGE difference between stone and cobblestone.


Unluckily for me, my husband is off on an adventure with my good camera, so I was stuck with the Dude's little point-and-shoot. Which has a cracked screen, so I was mostly guessing on whether the pictures came out. So ignore the spots and exposure issues.

I'm really quite happy with the sword and axe - they use 1.5" unfinished pieces. Everything else was 2.5". The patterns either came from Fandom in Stitches or just Googling "Minecraft skeleton face." Since it's an 8-bit game, most everything fits nicely into 16" blocks.

{Also, the fact that my ten year old is playing an 8-bit game? Still weird to me. These were MY game graphics!}


The backing is Joann's flannel, the binding is Kona Coal. Oh, and the fabric is all solids, obviously, a mix of a Kona order and scraps which may be Kona but not all Kona. Please don't ask me the colors. There's a LOT of colors!

Quilting is an all-over boxy stipple.


Oh so nicely labeled and not filled out! Seriously with the Spoonflower sashing and such, though. It's not currently available, so I'm very glad I scored it! It's the perfect touch to this. Even though it's cobblestone.


56" square

And to thank the Dude for all his assistance in choosing blocks and fabrics, I'm finishing up his own sixteen block version. Before Christmas. Maybe. Eek!

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WiP - the Best Laid Plans

  Well, I had great plans last week - a full day of quilting and a Zentangle class, plus the usual amount of piecing and moving along on Christmas projects. And then Tuesday night, a massive windstorm swept through my town and took out the power for 85% of the population. We were lucky enough to get power back the next morning, but school was cancelled for the rest of the week, and we had friends over almost every day, borrowing our electricity and showers.

If you watch this news story, the church we go to is to the right of the camera. Makes me grateful that we live in a fairly new development with no large trees!

So anyway, the quilting day was cancelled, and piecing has been on and off between visitors. I was able to work on the bookshelf quilt {below} for a friend, but just the straight book piecing. I wasn't about to tackle paper pieced cats without my full concentration!

And sharing the design wall is my gorgeous quarter square triangles, pieced as leaders/enders. I'm already thinking about the sashing. Fast and fun!

And then I fixed the cow Minecraft block, and made a ghast. What's a ghast, you ask? I have no idea. Pretty sure it's a bad guy. Apparently the grey is his tears. Seven blocks to go!

And I played around with my 60º triangle ruler for a bit. It'll end up being a tablerunner for my husband's holiday party White Elephant exchange.

And finally, I finished binding the girl Frozen quilt. I still need to stitch down the label, and check for missed spots in the machine binding, and bind the boy one - but these should be finished and mailed this weekend! Phew. Long before Christmas.

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WiP - Minecraft-y

  This week was all about finishing at least one of those stupid Minecraft quilts - Christmas is coming and I've got to get one of them in the mail!

So I buckled down and pieced all the Enderdragon/Enderman blocks {the black ones} and the skeleton {the grey one}, then sashed up the nine-block version. And bless his dear little heart - the Dude spent over an hour searching Spoonflower and arguing with me about the difference between "stone" and "cobblestone" - he now says that the cobblestone looks really good.

His version is now eight blocks, of 16. {Okay, 7.75. Still haven't finished that cow.} And I took it all off the design wall after this photo because I just need a break from staring at it all the time. Seriously. The Enderman will not stop looking at me.

Instead, I started on my next commission/bonus me project. A friend asked for a bookshelf quilt in jewel tones, and I bought this berry-ish bundle at my local quilt show last month. I'm using 9" squares to make the quarter square triangles, and the leftover bits to start producing some books for the shelves. I need to pull some more blues and greens into hers, but I now have a lovely stack of squares to run through as leader/enders to make my design wall a little happier.

And obviously those book blocks will be cut skinnier and scattered around the quilt so it's not all the same height of book. It's just the start! There's book stacks and leaning books and cats and family photos planned for this thing. It's gonna be good.

Oh, and I also started binding the Frozen quilts.

And I made the decision to not rip out all my good work on the side borders on the Woven Snowmen. Really, the only issue I have with it is that it's only 60". And you know what? That's big enough. It's not huge, but whatever - it's fine for a holiday season lap quilt. So I snapped a pic, printed it out, and popped it in a page protector, and I'm trying to decide how I want to quilt it.

Oh, yeah, and I put binding on Not-Quite-Flower and finished that one up. It's about time to start getting some boxes together!

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